DAS Clinical Trial Practice and Management
Diploma of Advanced Studies

Successful clinical research requires clinical experience, but also extensive knowledge about all phases of the clinical research process, awareness of regulatory requirements as well as project management and leadership skills. The complex and highly competitive nature of clinical research results in a growing need for well-trained clinical research professionals, not least those working as study coordinators, study managers, clinical monitors or clinical research assistants.

Clinical research professionals usually start their careers with background knowledge from diverse graduate trainings often lacking structured training in clinical research. Still, they are facing highly demanding responsibilities in a complex, ever-evolving, interdisciplinary and often multinational environment. Fortunately, training at the postgraduate level is increasingly being recognized as essential to developing scientific, technical and interpersonal competences to ultimately enhance the quality of clinical research.

The goal of this program is to prepare trainees for the variety of management and leadership roles in different clinical research settings such as academia, pharmaceutical, medical device or biotech industry, clinical research organisations and regulatory agencies.

This 2-year program consists of the two postgraduate educational programs CAS Clinical Research I (or equivalent training) and CAS Clinical Research II plus a diploma thesis and an oral exam.

The CAS Clinical Research I and II programs comprise a total of 7 teaching modules. Teaching modules consist of online courses for self-study and individual completion and classroom training sessions (2-3 days with practical exercises and group discussions). Acquired competencies will be checked by multiple-choice tests and homework assignments.

To gain insights into the daily work life in a clinical research profession, two one-week internships (work-shadowings) at a host site within the field of clinical research have to be completed. The host’s main field of activity should be different from the student’s main expertise. It is the responsibility of the student to find a suitable host for the internship.

After completion of the CAS Clinical Research I and II programs, students are required to formulate a diploma thesis related to their personal work environment or special interest within the scope of clinical research. A final oral examination will be conducted by experts within clinical research for each individual student.

Successful completion of this DAS program will be awarded with 31 ECTS credit points and the accredited university title “Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) Clinical Trial Practice and Management”.

Individuals interested in a shorter educational program may want to access more detailed information on CAS Clinical Research I, CAS Study Nurse/Coordinator and CAS Clinical Research II.

People working in any area of clinical research either in academia or in industry (study nurses, study coordinators, clinical research associates, study physicians, assistant physicians, etc.) People holding a science degree (minimum Bachelor's) or medical students with an interest in pursuing continuing education in clinical research practices. Individuals holding a degree equivalent to CAS Clinical Research I or II should please contact the Directors of Studies for a personal consulting.

  • PhD Marie Mi Bonde Hansen, Studiengangleitung
  • Dr Daniel Hammes, Studiengangleitung

This program is conducted in partnership with European Center of Pharmaceutical Medicine (ECPM).

The multidisciplinary teaching faculty consists of national and international experts in clinical research ethics, regulatory sciences and the different fields of operational clinical research.

Marie Mi Bonde Hansen, PhD
University of Basel, Department of Clinical Research, Clinical Trial Unit
c/o University Hospital Basel
Schanzenstrasse 55
CH-4031 Basel
Tel. +41 61 328 51 47

CHF 13'500

Fees include course materials, provisions during coffee/tea breaks and overhead fees.
The course fee will be collected in 5 tranches approximately every 6 months.
The Department of Clinical Research (DKF) offers training grants of CHF 1’000 for members of the DKF clinical research groups. A list of DKF clinical research groups can be found here. Applications for training grants can be submitted when registering for the program.

Please inform us of any change of employment after course registration and/or during the course.

Cancellation and withdrawal
Cancellations made prior to the closing date for enrolment will not be subject to any charge. If a cancellation is made after the closing date for enrolment, the full applicable fee will be charged. Course fees already paid will not be refunded.

Should participants withdraw from the program or discontinue participation,no discount from the course fee will be granted and any share of the course fee will not be refunded.

Kurs beginnt am:
Mittwoch, 05.02.2020

Medical Faculty of the University of Basel

Classroom training dates

CAS Clinical Research I
1. Basics of clinical research: February 5-6, 2020
2. Cliincal study planning: June 2-4, 2020
3. Clinical study conduct: September 2-3, 2020

Clinical Research II
The next round of the program will begin in November 2020. Course dates will be announced in due time.

Course dates: CAS Study Nurse/Coordinator
1. Konzeption klinischer Studien: 04.-06. Dezember 2019
2. Planung und Set-up klinischer Studien: 10.-12. März 2020
3. Durchführung und Abschluss klinischer Studien: 14.-16. Mai 2020

GCP-Basiskurs: 28. Januar 2020

To register for the Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) Clinical Trial Practice and Management program, interested candidates should first register for the CAS Clinical Research I or CAS Study Nurse/Coordinator program. Admission to the DAS program will be granted after completion of the CAS Clinical Research I program / CAS Study Nurse/Coordinator( (or equivalent) plus successful admission to the CAS Clinical Research II program.


University Hospital Basel Schanzenstrasse 55, 4031 Basel

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