Essentials in Health Research Methodology
Short Course

A profound understanding of research methodology is a key requisite for conducting scientific research and for the critical assessment of research results. As in any field of science, the methods applied in Health Research evolve continuously and rapidly. This course provides the participating students with an overview of the state of the art research methods commonly used in Health Sciences, hereby facilitating their understanding of research methodology as a whole. Through four overall topics, the students are introduced to different experts from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Basel. Consequently, the course provides an excellent opportunity for collaboration and networking within the field of Health Research in Basel.

The course covers 4 topics:

  1. Observational Studies and Analysis of Observational Datasets
  2. Health Economics, Public Health and Public Health Policy
  3. Randomized Controlled Trials
  4. Qualitative Research, Questionnaires and Surveys

Each topic will be covered by face-to-face teaching (1 day in total) in combination with pre-reading and home assignments. The course serves to provide an introduction to the different topics and will cover basics only. Participants must complete a minimum of 2 topics.

PhD students of Clinical Research, Epidemiology, Nursing Science, Public Health /Epidemiology incl. Insurance Medicine, and Sport Science registered in PPHS.

External participants who fulfil similar eligibility criteria as the PPHS PhD students: PhD students from the disciplines above, but not registered in PPHS, or from other faculties or PhD schools, PostDocs, MDs, Clinical Research professionals from academia or industry with minimum M.Sc. qualification.

No prior knowledge of the specific topic is required.

Minimum 10 and maximum 20 registered participants per topic. 5 places are reserved for non-PPHS participants.

  • Dr. Anja Matthiä
  • PhD Marie Mi Bonde Hansen, Studiengangleitung

Experts from the Medical Faculty, University of Basel

Dr. Anja Matthiä
Coordinator PhD Program Health Sciences (PPHS)

Marie Mi Bonde Hansen, PhD
Senior Scientific Officer, Clinical Trial Unit

CHF 1'500 for 2 topics
CHF 3'000 for 4 topics
Fees include course materials.

The Department of Clinical Research (DKF) offers training grants of CHF 750/1'500 for members of the DKF clinical research groups. A list of DKF clinical research groups can be found here. Applications for training grants can be submitted when registering for the program.

Changing or cancellation of your registration is possible until the registration deadline. Changes or cancellation after the registration deadline or absence from the course will result in a cancellation fee of CHF 100.

Medical Faculty of the University of Basel

Course language is English.

Certificates of attendance will be issued after successful course completion.
2 ECTS credit points will be awarded for completing all 4 topics and 1 ECTS credit point for 2 topics.

Please see the course schedule below for course dates.

The topic: 1. Observational Studies and Analysis of Observational Datasets is fully booked and applications are no longer excepted. Open spots are still available for the topics: 2. Health Economics, Public Health and Public Health Policy, 3. Randomised Controlled Trials and 4. Qualitative Research, Questionnaires and Surveys. Please contact the course organisers directly, if you are interested in attending two of these topics.


University Hospital Basel Spitalstrasse 21, 4031 Basel

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