E-Learnings in Pharmaceutical Medicine

Our three e-learning modules offer the possibility to learn independent of time and place. As soon as you have booked the course, the programme is accessible for you during one year at anytime online and you can define your own learning pace. The course does not have to be taken in one sitting; users can start/stop at any time and begin where they left off. There will be several intermediate test which will prepare you for the final test.

  • E-Module: Basics in Health Economics
  • E-Module: Personalised Healthcare
  • E-Module: Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance

E-Module: Basics in Health Economics

This e-learning course provides an understanding of the key principles and methodological concepts of health economic evaluations.

  • Fundamental concepts of health economics
  • Key elements of health economic evaluation
  • Assessment and analysis of a published health economic study
  • The importance of health economic / pharmacoeconomic methods and concepts for the drug development process, clinical trials, and post-marketing surveillance
  • How policy makers set priorities in health care and how healtheconomic evaluations support this process


E-Module: Personalised Healthcare

This e-learning course provides an understanding of the key principles and methodological concepts of personalised drug development. The role of individualised treatment strategies is addressed including all relevant clinical, ethical and governmental aspects.

  • Biological and clinical concepts of personalised medicine
  • Be able to understand the benefits and pitfalls ofindividualised therapies for patients
  • Comprehend the basic elements of predictive andprognostic interventions
  • Understand the role of surrogate endpoints and clinically validated biomarkers in personalised medicine
  • Understand pharmacogenetic and pharmacogenomicimplications
  • Understand the economic challenges of personalised medicineand how policy makers set priorities inindividualised health care
  • Be able to determine legal, regulatory and ethicalaspects which come across with personalised medicine


E-Module: Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance

This e-learning course provides an understanding of the safety-re­lated aspects within the drug development process. This ranges from early preclinical testing, risk/benefit assessment up to clinical ad­verse event signal detection and monitoring.

  • The role of drug safety in the successful development and usageof a medicine to the benefit of patients
  • What safety-related questions need to be answered in early andlate drug development
  • Tools, techniques and methodologies used in drug safetyevaluation
  • What frequent pitfalls related to drug safety considerations occur and why they can lead to discontinuation of drugs in development, label changes or even withdrawal of drugs from themarket after launch
  • How changes in safety assessment could become part of a newdrug development paradigm.

This course is for all professionals (native or non-native English speakers) who intend to improve their presentation and communication skills.

The course language is English.

  • Dr. Annette Mollet, Studiengangleitung
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Szucs, Studiengangkommission

The ECPM teaching faculty consists of about 130 international experts in regulatory sciences, medical product discovery and development, product evaluation and business practices.

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E-Module: Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance: Registration

E-Module: Personalised Healthcare: Registration

E-Module: Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance: Registration


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