MAS Medicines Development
Master of Advanced Studies

The programme is designed and organised by ECPM, European Center of Pharmaceutical Medicine, together with other universities and different partners involved in the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI). ECPM qualifies within PharmaTrain as a training centre of excellence. Our mission is to provide a training platform to enhance the knowledge, expertise and skills needed to perform modern discovery, development and regulation of medical products. The new MMD programme emphasises integrated drug development which is science-based, efficient, economical, of high quality and rapid – leading to better and safer medical products for patients.

The programme is built in a modular way to be completed while working in the health care environment. The ECPM course is a well-established postgraduate education and training programme and forms the basis of the Master Programme offering 30 ECTS credits, which means half of the credits needed for a Master of Advanced Studies title. The second part of the training is structured into compulsory modules, a master thesis and elective modules which can be freely chosen to fit your needs and a master thesis. This offers an opportunity of high flexibility.

The programme is targeted at representatives from pharmaceutical industry, clinical research organisations, academic and government decision- and policymakers who already have a good grounding in the basics and will benefit from a more in-depth, comprehensive and systematic immersion into modern medical product development, regulation and market introduction. Applicants must have a higher university degree, such as Masters, MD, PharmD or PhD and a primary interest in medical product discovery, development, regulation or related activity. The programme is particularly aimed at professionals who are involved in the medical product development process and have at least 2 years of working experience.

  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Szucs, Studiengangkommission
  • Dr. Annette Mollet, Studiengangleitung

The teaching faculty consists of about 200 international experts in regulatory sciences, medical product discovery and development, drug evaluation and business practices. Lecturers are drawn from academia, regulatory agencies, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, coverage and reimbursement entities and national institutes of health.

European Center of Pharmaceutical Medicine
University of Basel
Beatrice Schmid
Klingelbergstrasse 61
CH-4056 Basel

Tel. +41 61 207 19 50
Fax +41 61 207 19 48

A minimum of CHF 32,000.–. This does not include costs for examinations, teaching materials or additional services such as elective modules or travel and living costs.

Application Deadline:
Admission is possible at any time

ECPM, European Center of Pharmaceutical Medicine, part of the Medical faculty of the University of Basel together with other universities and different partners

Please visit our website for more details. We advise you to start with the ECPM Diploma course and to extend your expertise with Master learning units.

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Pharmacenter of the University Basel Klingelbergstrasse 50, 4056 Basel, Switzerland

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